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The New OGAWA ezWAVE  is more than just a slimming machine! Get creative and combine your home exercises with OGAWA ezWAVE for an elevated fitness experience. Powered by the versatile built-in dual-motor, Ogawa ezWAVE offers various workout combinations across 3 stepping regions: walking, jogging and running. Switch the intensity by shifting the positions of your feet so that you can stay in shape while rocking your way to fitness. All you need to do is push the button start.


Resistance cord system

Designed for next-level workout intensity, the handles also feature small massaging balls for better grip and sensation

Wider workout Area

At about 25%wider, Ogawa ezWave offers more coverage and stability than any other conventional machines.

Higher speed levels

Now with 60 speed levels for higher efficiency and more optimized calorie-burning.

Greater Angles and amplitudes

Stimulates more muscle movements while amplifying muscle resistance.

Wireless controller

Allows easy adjustments on speed levels and operational modes

Easy storage

Slim and compact design requires minimal storage space under your furniture


Ogawa ezWave comes with a transportation roller so you can effortlessly move it around the house.


Product Name OGAWA ezwave
Model No of 1020
Power Source 220v
Power Consumption 240w
Weight 17 kg
Maximum Operating Period 10 mins

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