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OGAWA Master Drive 4D Thermo  Care Massage Chair

Feel the power of massage mastery, designed by cutting-edge Japanese technology. Every component in the OGAWA Master Drive is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage chair that precisely targets your acupunctural points – from head-to-toe, including your knees – for optimal energy restoration through human-like full-body massages.

Product Name OGAWA Master Drive
Model No OG 7598
Power Source 220V – 240V
Alternating Current 50/60H
Power Consumption 200W (Approx. 0.3W when the remote controller is OFF)
Dimensions Upright position: 158cm x 84cm x 121cm Reclined position: 196cm x 84cm x 105cm
Weight approx. 125kg
Timer Given 15 minutes

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