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OGAWA Master Drive 4D Thermo  Care Massage Chair

Feel the power of massage mastery, designed by cutting-edge Japanese technology. Every component in the OGAWA Master Drive is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage chair that precisely targets your acupunctural points – from head-to-toe, including your knees – for optimal energy restoration through human-like full-body massages.


Human Touch Massage

Moves in all directions with adjustable rhythms, as if performed by a human.

Precise Body Analysis & Scanning

Installed precision sensors analyses different body shapes & sizes at adjustable intensity levels

Targets 36 Acupunctural Points

Hit all the right spots, for a host of health benefits.

M Sensing L-Track

Wider coverage with 1.35m L-shaped track that covers neck to hips.

Shoulder + Neck Dual Airbags Compression Massage

Holds shoulders in place for posture correction by extending chest and back. Focuses on the acupunctural points Feng Chi (headaches) and Jain Jing (pain & stiffness) to relive discomfort due to prolonged sedentary periods; Jain Zhong Shu to strengthen the respiratory system.

Spine + Waist Accurate Rollers Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on the acupunctural points Xinshu (mind-calming) and Shenshu (strengthens kidneys) to reduce muscles tension in your lower back and improve blood circulation.

Arms + Hands Accurate Airbags Pressure Point Massage

Airbags consist to small bumps to target all your core muscles. Helps to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hips + Thighs Dual Airbags Pulsating Massage

Focuses on the acupunctural points Huan Tiao and Huan Zhong.Helps to tone hips and thighs, improve blood circulation and reduce numbness.


Stimulating spa experience that feels like a worm hand massage.


Product Name OGAWA Master Drive black
Model No OG 7599
Power Source 220V – 240V
Alternating Current 50/60H
Power Consumption 200W (Approx. 0.3W when the remote controller is OFF)
Dimensions Upright position: 158cm x 84cm x 121cm Reclined position: 196cm x 84cm x 105cm
Weight approx. 125kg
Timer Given 15 minutes

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